How to Apply

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How to Apply

Applicants to both the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dental Program and the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-PA program must complete and submit two applications by the application deadline. The application opens Monday, August 10, 2023 and closes March 17, 2024. 

1. Review program prerequisites to determine eligibility for the program of your choice.

2. Create your standard online application on the PostBacCas:

PostBacCAS (PostBac Central Application Service). 

In this application, your official transcripts must be sent to the central application service, so it is useful to have the registrar pages of your previous colleges open. You will also input the names, addresses, occupation, and email addresses of the two individuals who will serve as your references.

3. Complete the Supplemental GW Online Application, found at (application fee: $60). Please follow the steps below:

     a. Click on the "I am a graduate or non-degree student" circle on the right side of your screen.

Arrow point to the circle which reads "I am a graduate or non-degree student."

     b. When completing the GW Supplemental Online Application, please select:

  • What type of program are you applying to: Undergraduate
  • School: School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Field of Study: Pre-Medicine (choose this study type in all cases)
  • Degree: Undergraduate Certificate
  • Concentration: Not Applicable
  • Location: Virginia Science and Technology Campus
  • Term: Summer 2024

4. Test Scores: Standardized test scores from the SAT or ACT are required but GRE scores will be accepted, if SAT or ACT scores are unavailable. There are a few ways to provide your scores:

  • SAT/ACT scores should be sent directly to GW from the testing services. Please note this step can take 4-6 weeks. The GW institution codes are 5246 (SAT or GRE) and 0664 (ACT).
  • You may substitute the GRE score if the ACT and SAT scores are not available; the scores must be requested and sent directly to GW. Please note this step can take 4-6 weeks. The GRE code is 5246.
  • If your official high school transcript has SAT or ACT scores printed on it, you may upload this copy to the GW Supplemental Portal in the "Other" documents area.

5. Application Fees: The fee for PostBacCAS is based upon the number of programs the applicant designates for application. There is a supplemental, non-refundable GW application fee of $60. If you wish to apply for a fee waiver, indicate this request on the GW supplemental application. The GW fee will be waived for the following applicants:

  • Graduates of Minority Serving Institutions (MSI)
  • U.S. military personnel and veterans
  • GW alumni (those holding a GW degree or graduate certificate)
  • Current degree or graduate certificate candidates at GW
  • Current McNair Program Scholars 
  • You received a fee waiver from the PostBaccCAS